Wine by the Bottle


  • SUPER TUSCAN | Governo | 68

    Aromas of crushed herbs and spiced cherry show a pleasing depth on the nose. Medium in weight, the palate brings juicy red cherry, tobacco and earth, with slightly sandy tannins rising up on the finish.
  • ROSSO DI MONTALCINO | Coldisole | 82

    Bravo!!! A tremendous value in Montalcino reds. This wine boasts an excellent structure. It’s fruity, with impressive and persistent perfumes and suitable for moderate ageing.
  • PINOT NOIR | Rambeaux | 120

    The 2020 Rambeaux Pinot Noir is sophisticated and approachable, with quality you expect from winemaking team. It’s full and juicy, with a lithe feel and delicate spices accents on the finish, and it’s totally yummy.
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON | Freemark Abbey Sycamore Vineyard–Napa Valley | 450

    Deep opulent aromas of cherries, violets and currants, followed by supple spices round out this stunning example of Freemark’s craftmanship. A dry, tannic and velvety mouthfeel contains the ripe and sun-ripened fruit. 96 points… a powerhouse.
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON | Robert Craig Howell Mountain–Napa Valley | 350

    A powerful driving wine loaded with character. Inky dark fruit, chocolate, new leather, licorice, lavender and spice emerge….but reluctantly. The wine is sharp; delivering enough torque to satisfy any diner.    
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON | Pursuit-Napa Valley | 250

    Lively aromas of currants and black cherries leap out of the glass. Fruit waves roll in powered by a mineral backdrop of shale and graphite. Incredible texture, velvety smooth. Stunning
  • SUPER TUSCAN | Prunicce, Pakravan-Papi | 64

    Blends the delicate and fruitful aromas of Sangiovese piccolo with those, more spicy and austere of Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc. A blend, halfway between tradition and novelty, where plum and red fruit prevail. That easily withstands aging for some years.
  • BRUNELLO | Collosorbo-Montalcino | 160

    A beautiful refined powerhouse. Brunello at it’s finest. The 2013 is a do not miss for Brunello aficionados! Notes of truffle, earthy celery and botanicals with a leathery backbone.
  • BAROLO | Massolino-Piedmont | 160

    Garnet red in color, this wine-made from grapes from different subzones in Serralunga-offers a broad and variable spectrum of perfumes, ranging from spicy notes to those of a sweeter, floral and fruity nature. On the palate, this Barolo displays a variety of sensations. It is ful-bodied, classic and well-structured.

    This “Gran Selezione” is a stunner. The wine, from Monsanto’s historic single vineyard, is among the finest in Italy, and we are pleased to offer it here. Aromas of balsamic and juniper give way to rich plums and notes of iron. The burly tannins and red fruit conspire to enchant and they do. Aged for 22 months in 500 liter oak barrels and the 2 years in bottle before release. Just dazzling!
  • PINOT NOIR | Arterberry Maresh “Old Vines” | 120

    Savory and classic, this is Willamette’s oldest producer and one taste explains why they’re still considered by many to be the best. Bright and clean, cherry and amaro blends with a light earthiness which lends complexity and depth to an already perfect wine!
  • SUPER TUSCAN | Brancatelli, Valle Delle Stelle | 80

    An approachable and spectacularly weighty blend of 80% Cabernet and 20% Cabernet Franc. Full bodied, robust and reminiscent of the terroir the grapes called home.
  • MONTEPULCIANO | Umani Ronchi Podere | 58

    Elegant nose, with clean and complex fruit, lightly enriched by spicy hints. Th pulpy body gives the wine a good smoothness, well balanced by the fine tannins, which, in combination with the natural minerality and the well measured acidity, contribute to an elegant, long finish.
  • AMARONE Gamba Campedel – Valpolicella | 160

    This is a monster! Ringing the bell at 16% ABV. This explodes out of the glass in a festival of force. Ruby red and fully developed, classically styled Amarone lovers will rejoice. Make no mistake, this is longtime Floriana favorite continues to dazzle year after year.
  • SUPER TUSCAN Cancellaia, Pakravan-Papi – Tuscany | 140

    Wow, wow, wow! A full-bodied, refined and reserved blend of 60% cabernet and 40% cabernet franc. Silky tannins wrap around the essence of dusty rose petals and herbaceous notes in a delightful harmony.
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON | Heitz cellars | 170

    On the palate, the 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon displays a variety of soft and elegant red fruits such as wild raspberry, ripe strawberry, and red currant. The understones of western red cedar and fresh turned potting soil evoke and old world earthiness.
  • ETNA ROSSO Le Vigne Ele-Sicily | 62

    Ripe and juicy retty mulberry and raspberry fruit wraps around chalky tannins in this bright and aromatic, light to medium-bodied red, accented by tea rose, sandalwood and smoky minarel accents that linger on the finish.
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON Brack Mountain “Bench”-Knight’s Valley | 64

    The nose is vibrant with violets, huckleberry and a touch of vanilla spice. The palate is elegantly wound with dusty tannins and a supple, velvety texture.
  • CHIANTI RISERVA Caparsa Caparsine -Tuscany | 120

    Ruby-red in colour. Aromas of red cherries and violets. On the palate complex and pure with tart red-berry notes, integrated tannins and a racy acidity. The finish is warm and spicy.
  • BARBARESCO RISERVA | Spezie | 180

    Intense and remarkable complex, with nuances of ripe black and red fruits showing spices like black pepper and cloves. Dry and warm, with impressive body and texture. The long lingering exhibits ripe red and black fruits and a remarkable balsamic note.
  • TOSCANA Le Maestrelle di Santa Christina – Tuscany | 50

    A balanced blend incorporating Sangiovese 60%, Merlot %20 and Syrah %20. Maestrelle shines with nice soft, easy drinking, low tannin, mouth feel. Juicy & Ripe.
  • MONTEPULCIANO | Pantheon | 60

    Elegant nose, with clean and complex fruit, lightly enriched by spicy hints. The pulpy body gives the wine a good smoothness, well balanced by the tannins, which in combination with a natural minerality and the well measured acidity, contribute to an elegant, long finish.
  • BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO | Camigliano | 150

    The Camigliano 2016 Brunello di Montalcino offers a more robust bouquet compared to it’s peers, with its dark and saturated fruit. The vines are located in a warm, sun-drenched corner of Tuscany, and the war, ripeness of the fruit is a testament of place.
  • BARBARESCO Cavanna | 160

    My biggest surprise last year from Piedmont is back, with a vintage that is considered by most to be the finest we have ever seen. The highly coveted Barbaresco of Ca’Nova, coupled with the 2016 vintage are stunning.
  • BAROLO | Boasso | Barolo Italy | | 160

    The 2018 Boasso Barolo del commune di serrlunga d’alba is sumptuously rich and full-bodied with good structure and suprisingly easy drinkability fruit. It’s nicely balanced with a long finish. It has notes of red ripe fruit, sour cherry, mint and spices with a mineral character. Enjoy!
  • BAROLO, Alessandro Veglio – Barolo | 110

    This offers aromas of oak, coconut and roasted coffee bean that carry over to the palate along with a hint of dried black cherry and a confectionary note. It lacks the fruit richness needed to stand up to the oak while raspy tannins give it an astringent finish.
  • ZINFANDEL, Tin Barn, – Russian River | 79

    The wine displays a dark ruby color with bold aromas of blackberry, plum and clove. The entry is rich and full, with juicy acidity encircled in flavors of Mexican chocolate, cherry and vanilla extract. There is a voluptuous and persistent finish with smooth tannins.

    Spicy, bold, juicy full-throated Montepulciano. A floriana favorite back for 2020! The aromas of deep red fruits and light tobacco notes linger ever so slightly until exploding on the tongue with tannic dominance.
  • CABERNET-MERLOT Alkoomi – Frankland River | 62

    68% Cabernet and 32% Merlot. Delicious and full-bodied this is one yummy Australian. Rich and deep with fruit forward notes and a high impact blast in a glass. Enjoy!
  • BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO | Coldisole | 140

    This opens with aromas of black plum, leather, and underbrush. The palate offers black-skinned fruit, tobacco, and star anise flavors., with a backbone of assertive tannins lending grip.
  • SUPER TUSCAN, Lionello Marchesi Insieme – Tuscany | 70

    Bold, dramatic & brilliant color. The taste reveals a pleasant freshness. Truly tannic, soft, it expresses a subtle fineness as the blend of Cabernet, Merlot, & Sangiovese merge harmoniously.
  • SYRAH BLEND Occam’s Razor – Columbia Valley | 62

    What can we say, we love this wine. Highlighting the fruitier side of Syrah, it’s a simple winner. Beloved by our tasting panel year after year, it pairs beautifully with Floriana’s fall dishes, lamb gnocchi. We might be Italian, but we know a winner when we taste one.
  • PINOT NOIR Thomas Henry – Sonoma | 54

    Welcoming aromatics of pie cherry, bramble spice overlaid with vanilla and cedar notes from the French and American barrels. Fruit forward notes continue on the palate, followed by rounded tannins and integrated oak.
  • COTES DU RHONE Le Ligiere, Les Costebelles-Rhone, France | 56

    A Floriana favorite, this Rhone blend is beautiful and composed mix of 70% granache and %30 mourvedre. Deep violet color. The nose reveals notes of fresh fruit, currant, blueberry and licorice. On the palate, it is crisp, fleshy, fresh with hints of red fruit and supple tannins.
  • CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA Nozolle -Tuscany | 54

    Hints of deep spice, fresh herbs, roasted cherry and a hint of violets. Touches of dried flowers, macerated black fruits, licorice roll off the palate.

    Ripe and juicy with inviting aromas of sweet red fruit and fresh toasted bread. Reveals a rich personality of fruits, spices and rounded vanilla. Dry cherry cola and blueberries coat the palate, and polished tannins boast an elegant, round finish.
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON Barter & Trade | 58

    Rich palate of dark fruit flavors, with subtle hints of caramel and cocoa. The sonoma fruit gave this wine it’s blackberry and black cherry flavors, while the lake county fruit brought tremendous structures and presence to the blend.

Whites, Sparkling & Champagne

  • CHARDONNAY | Anthill Farms | 124

    Oaky, buttery, handcrafted California chardonnay. Reminiscent of the classics, young and bright successfully balancing its pedigree with the best fruit, and climate available.
  • VERMENTINO | Sabbia | 58

    This white wine grape thrives in Italy’s seaside vineyards. A refreshing fruity white wine with notable minerality, and a salty finish.
  • RIOJA BLANCO | Ostatu — Spain | 58

    This bright Spanish blend of two classic grapes Viura and Malvasia aged light in stainless steel does not disappoint. Crisp, clean and juicy; it is the perfect warm weather wine when Pinot Grigio is too light and Sauvignon Blanc just too acidic.  
  • GARGANEGA ‘GAVI’ | Le Fraghe Camporegno — Veneto | 62

    Organic, alluring and luxurious. Straw yellow in color, fruity aromas of apricot, hints of citrus and meadow flowers accent a pleasant minerality.
  • PECORINO | Villa Angela by Valenosi–Offida | 60

    Tangy, fresh, and deeply satisfying. It’s soft yet perfectly framed by brisk acids, as sweet spiced and ripe orchard fruits slowly fade, leaving hints of tart citrus and salty minerals in their wake.
  • CHAMPAGNE Billecart-Salmon Magnum-Mareuil-sur-Ay | 295

    The Brut Reserve shines with a fine harmonious blend of Pinot Noir. Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.
  • PINOT GRIS, The Hare & The Tortoise- Australia | 52

    Bold enough to stand up to Floriana’s creamier dishes, crisp enough to satisfy on a warm summer’s evening. Notes of orange blossom, white peach and cantaloupe round off a finish with nice acidic finesse.
  • MOSCATO, Analisa Malvasia NV – Piedmont | 44

    Effervescent and sweet, A fresh, easy-drinking white with aromas of peach blossoms and citrus wrapped around a softly sweet, luscious palate filled with nectarine and apple notes.
  • PROSECCO (Brut), Sentio – Alto Adige | 48

    Straw yellow and slightly effervescent, strong aromas of flowers, freshly baked bread and vanilla
  • CHAMPAGNE, Tattinger Brut La Francaise NV – Reims, Champagne | 120

    Subtle overall, offering a creamy mousse and a pleasing juiciness to the notes of apricot tart, slivered almond, orchard blossom and apple. A classic.
  • SAUVIGNON BLANC, Seeker | 46

    Supple guava, lychee and tropical fruit aromas dominate the refined palate.
  • PINOT GRIGIO, Gabriela 2016 – Veneto | 46

    Green, flinty, and rather full bodied for a Pinot Grigio, finishes clean with a crisp and fruity minerality.
  • STAINLESS CHARDONNAY, Gradis’ciutta | 44

    Crisp fruit on the nose combines with tropical pineapple, mango & banana with citrus notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit.
  • FIANO DI AVELLINO | Colli Di Lapio | 68

    Smells ripe. Mineral, slightly floral and peachy with a hint of apricot and toasted almond.
  • CHARDONNAY | Franciscan | 54

    Aromas of ripe pineapple, citrus, yellow peaches and apples. Subtle oak and vanilla balance out the flavors on the palate. Bright and crisp
  • CASA D’AMBRA | Ischia “Le Ninfe” | 74

    Delicious and polished with white floral and gooseberry aromatics, and for an island wine, suprisingly fullness on the palate with notes of nectarine, orange, herbs, and a salty, mineral-laden finish.
  • ARNEIS, Ceretto ‘Blange’ 2016 – Piedmont | 70

    Fruit forward, very dry, hints of apples, pears and fine mineral qualities.
  • PINOT GRIGIO, Jermann 2014 – Friuli | 78

    Tropical fruit aromas explode into orange peel, with the finish of crisp pie crust